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The Future of Airplane Interiors - Economy 3D


Neutral Tools teamed up with to create the next generation airplane interior which will be exhibited at the Interiors Expo in Hong Kong 2009.


By challenging today's airplane interior layouts from a design and engineering perspective it was possible to create an interior which offers a new level of comfort and travel experience for customers in the segment of economy classes. Starting from this most restricted environment, a comprehensive analysis showed up high potentials for substantial improvements for the overall customer experience in relation to contemporary travel needs.


organic structures vs. Linear Grid Structures


Organic vs. Linear Grid Structures


Goal was to break the mass transportation appeal driven by today's established seat layouts and their underlying linear grid structure. Replaced by an organic seat structure advantages in terms of exclusivity and comfort emerged with further benefits of physical attributes like densitiy.


Centralizing Features


By centralizing functions, services and features it was possible to newly define what a service alley, bath and public communication area can offer to customers in the economy class.


economy 3d


Economy 3d


By exploring 3d space the layout grasps into the full potential of the provided cabin volume, leading to a more convenient 'village-like' atmosphere. Result is a homogeneous setup where private and public areas blend into each other seamlessly.


Classes based on preference & behavior


Today's established three class separation for long distance flights is challenged with classes which are based on preference and behaviour. Learning form night train setups customer can decide between up and down seats which are optimized for either experience.


space traveling


Space Traveling


A new travel experience is created by utilizing latest media technology for a space travel entertainment service which is linked to passing countries on the ground and the planetary surrounding. A playful connection between public and private entertainment services guarantees a holistic interaction experience playfully customizable for every guest.










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